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We sell two different types of products. Mainly we sell cross stitch kits, this is a complete kit with everything you need to make the design (except the frame). We also sell a few separate patterns. What exactly is in every product?
Cross Stitch Kit:
  • Pattern
  • Instructions
  • Guarantee form
  • Needle
  • DMC Thread
  • Zweigart Aida 14 ct
A cross stitch kit contains the pattern, which tells you how to make the design.
A symbols list that tells you which icon on the pattern represents which color. 
General instructions inform you on how to find and start in the middle. How to use the pattern and washing instructions for when you have finished.
Stitch instructions show you how to make cross stitches and backstitches (we do not use any other stitches, and many designs don’t have back stitches). 
Guarantee form for if you need a replacement part or extra floss. You can enter the number on the bottom left into our Online Guarantee Form or send the form to the address stated on it. Extra floss and replacement parts are completely free. More information on our Guarantee page.
Needle for stitching
DMC threads, already sorted in a card. Please check the symbols list to see where each color is located. Be careful, the list goes from left to right, not top to bottom! The cardhole numbers are indicated for each color.
Aida fabric by Zweigart, always 14 count or 5,5x/cm. We currently have 10+ colors, which color is in your kit is indicated on the products pages or can be seen in the product images.
Frame is not included.
Cross Stitch Pattern:
  • Pattern
  • Instructions
A separate cross stitch pattern (only a few available) only contains the pattern, a symbols list and stitching instructions that show you how to make cross stitches and back stitches. We do not use any other stitches, and most of our designs do not even have back stitches.
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