Online Guarantee Form

Each of our cross stitch kits contains a guarantee form, with the number on this form you may order extra floss or replacement parts. This is completely free, no shipping costs either, and to anywhere in the world. For more information about our guarantee, please click here: Guarantee. If you have lost the guarantee form, we shall ask you for other evidence you actually have the kit in your possession (proof of purchase, questions, photo's etc.).
Filling out the form below, we shall either contact you within 48 hours (usually faster) for more information. Or if you have supplied all the information we need, inform you that we have shipped the parts requested and when you can expect them to arrive. Please fill out this form in English, Dutch or German. If you use French or Spanish, we will not be able to respond within 48 hours due to having your message translated.


  • Please enter your full name
  • You can find the guarantee number on the bottom left on the guarantee form that was included with your cross stitch kit. If you have lost the guarantee form, please enter 0000. We shall contact you and ask for proof of purchase or other evidence to show you have the kit in your possession.
  • Please choose the part of the cross stitch kit you would like to be replaced or need extra of.
  • Please describe as clearly as possible the reason for asking for a replacment or extra part. In the case of floss/thread please also provide the name of the colour and the amount needed.
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