Orcraphics Cross Stitch offers a guarantee on each of their products. Though we check each and every product when we make it, it's still done by humans. And humans make mistakes. We believe it's important to not only try to limit our mistakes, but actively correct them if we find out we have made one. So what do we guarantee?
We guarantee you will be able to finish the design
Under the guarantee, you may order extra threads or replacements parts, completely free of charge. We don't charge any shipping costs and will send it to anywhere in the world.
In the case of a faulty kit:
Because the kits are all made by hand, mistakes can happen. If you open your kit and find you don't have the amount of threads as indicated in the symbols list, please use the Online Guarantee Form. This does not mean you can't order more threads later if it turns out you are still short while working on the design. The guarantee stays valid.
The same goes for any issues you have with the pattern, instructions, the aida fabric or any other part of the kit. Simply fill out the online guarantee form and we will send you what you need replaced or added completely free of charge.
Short on threads
No matter the reason, we will supply you the extra threads you need (maximum 15% of total floss all colors combined, or for close to cost price). Simply fill out the Online Guarantee Form. It doesn't matter to us if you caused the shortage. For example, if you went wrong and have to take a part out or lost pieces over the years. The only thing we ask is that you are honest about it. We can check the batch number by looking at the guarantee number, and if you claim it to be our fault, we might start recalling products unnecessarily. Generally, we wait for at least two complaints from the same batch, unless we can immediately determine we have made a mistake. In which case we will actively try to track down everyone with a kit from that batch to correct the issue.
Coffee spilled onto the pattern or lost pattern (only as part of a kit)
No problem, just fill out the Online Guarantee Form. If the included guarantee form got lost or also spilled on with coffee, don't panic. We will also accept photos and other information as proof you own the kit. Same goes for certain pages of the pattern, or even the symbols list. We are however, far more careful with this then the thread. We have had people request patterns and symbols list that turned out to be fraudulent.
DMC numbers
The DMC numbers are not included in the kits and with very good reason. With large groups of people active on both Facebook and Pinterest sharing anything and everything they can get their hands on, it is too risky to provide the numbers. We have made a few exceptions in the past, and now regret some of them. Under no circumstances will we give out the DMC color numbers! We cannot see the person making the request, so telling us you are 99 and have no reason to share that information will not help. Would a burglar tell you he is going to rob you when you answer the door? Of course not! Not even our own volunteers that help with the stitching of our samples know those numbers. Due to the bad experiences with this, we will no longer give the DMC numbers to anyone.
When we suspect fraud
Unfortunately, many people try to take advantage of our extended guarantee. Unfortunately for us, we can't prove it most of the time. Unless we can prove it or have extremely strong indications, we will supply you as promised with what you need. We may ask for more proof if we so desire (like photos etc.). For example, when a kit number has been used under a different name before, or used several times in the past. It may not even be that the customer has done anything wrong or suspicious. If we get a lot of request for a certain item (say patterns) over a short period of time, and then a legitimate customer actually spilled coffee over their pattern, we would want to double check. We might ask you for a photo, just to make sure you are not part of the group that seems to be trying to get free patterns from us. If we have proof or strong indications of fraud, we have the right to not supply you with the requested parts, provide alternative solutions, or keep asking for more proof until we are satisfied it is not a case of fraud.
Separate Patterns
Our patterns do not contain guarantee forms, but if you can provide evidence you have bought it (even if its second hand, doesn't need to be bought through us), we will provide you with what you need. If you can't provide any proof of purchase, then we are very sorry, but we have to refuse. It's impossible to determine whether you received that pattern through fraud or not. If you ordered it through us, but can't find an order number or other proof of purchase, you will be in our own systems.
Why did you go above and beyond for someone else, but not me?
We love to help, and if we can do more then just the guarantee, we usually will do that for you. It unfortunately is not always possible. And if you start shouting, cursing, insulting, being rude or in any other way acting in a way we can’t appreciate, you will get your guarantee, but we won't do more than we need to. So it was either not possible in your case, or you gave us no reason to do more for you. If you call us and our products garbage, then you will receive what you need to finish your design, but nothing more. But contact us for help, in a kind and polite manner, and we will try to help in any way we can.
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