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Orcraphics Cross Stitch is a brand of the company Orcraphics and was started in 2012. We call Purmerend in the Netherlands our home, but have expanded far beyond the Netherlands to almost every corner of the world. We mainly sell and ship our products to the EU, the US, Canada and Australia. The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK are our main markets in the EU, but we have had orders in many of the EU countries. It is amazing to us that our kits bring joy around the world!
So how did we ever come up with the name Orcraphics? Well, the company started out as the hobby of our designer Saskia , who made a few small Android applications (still in the Android Market today!). The name is a combination of Orca (Killer Whales), a passion of our designer, and graphics. Saskia lost her job due to the worldwide economic crisis in 2012. And being a passionate cross stitcher, she found out one of her favourite stores was actually for sale. Though the shop was never bought, one of the possible expansions was a cross stitch brand of her own. So she tried out some things, first just with Photoshop, and the result (minus a few tweaks) was the Black & White Beauty kit. She stunned herself and everyone around her with the beautiful realistic result while only using 11 colors of thread. Excited, but wondering if this was just luck, she bought a cheap beginners program and tried a few more designs, all ending up beautifully, and even more so when stitched.
Though the cheap designer program has now been replaced by a very expensive professional one, our designer refuses to use all of those fancy options. Showing time and time again, the best way to make a beautiful and stitchable design, is by making changes by hand. As Saskia is our only designer and this proces can take a long time, this does mean that we can't publish enormous amounts of new designs, but we choose quality over quantity every time.
About our designer: Saskia Gijsbers
Hi everyone! I am Saskia Gijsbers, the owner and only designer for Orcraphics. I started cross stitching fairly young, I was between 10-12 years old. It all started when my aunt brought me a pre-stamped cross stitch fabric with killer whales she found when buying wool for knitting. A obsession was born, though no one in my family did cross stitch, I was immediately hooked. That’s why I chose to keep the name Orcraphics and the logo with the killer whales for the cross stitch brand. For myself, that is where it all started. 
I rely heavily on my experiences as a stitcher when I am designing. I am also fortunate to be able to see and recognize patterns, which makes it easier to link patches together or create new ones, and making an image stitchable. I found that you don't need a large number of colors if you create good transitions between the colors. Anyways, I hope you have a lot of fun shopping through my designs. If you are looking for something in particular we don't have yet, use the suggestions box! If we like your idea, we will make it! You can find the link to the suggestions box below (at the bottom of the page).
I wish you a lot of cross stitch fun!
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