Privacy Policy

We care about keeping your information secure and explaining how so you also feel secure about interaction with our site. We have divided our privacy policy into the two types of information we gather.
In general
  • We secure and encrypt any information you supply to us (Secure Sockets Layer, SSL)
  • We do not supply your information to any third party, other than required for payment (third party payment option like paypal)
  • We do not show ads on our website, and your information is not shared for such purposes either
  • If you subscribed to our newsletter, we will not send you anything but the newsletter (no ads or sales pitches)
  • If you wish to unsubcribe to our newsletter, you can do so through a link at the bottom of each newsletter
  • We keep information for as long as you wish or as long as laws force us to keep records.
Information you provide to us
Interacting with our site, you will find several options to provide us with your information. When filling out any of our forms, our Contact Form for example, you will supply us with information about yourself. This infomation is transfered and encrypted when you send it to us. You can see this in the top of your browser where a little lock should appear. If this lock does not appear, please type https:// in front of the website url to visit the secured page.
We do not share any of your information with third parties other than payment providers, but please be aware that you might do so yourself. If you choose paypal or another third party payment option, you will also share information with them. Please keep this in mind and check their respective privacy policies. This however, is usually a party you are already familiar with and trust (paypal or your own bank for example).
If you were to create an account with us, you can edit this information after you have logged in. If you wish to remove your account, contact us and we will remove your information.
Information we gather automatically
We also gather information automatically, these are known as cookies. Which is why you received a cookie acceptance pop up (according to EU laws). We only use your IP address to determine which country you are from, then a cookie is established with a language and currency (these are set automatically). This cookie makes sure that clicking on another page, that page will appear in the same language and currency. This also happens when you manually switch to a different language or currency. It doesnt do anything more than that, it makes sure the website works as it should and keep the settings when switching to another page.
The website also tracks which pages were visited, however, this information is not linked to any other information. So we are not able to tell who went where, just that someone visited a certain page. This is so we can improve our services and our website. 
How long do we keep your information?
If you place an order through our website and we send you an invoice, we are required by law to keep that invoice for 6 years. The invoice includes your name, address, the purchased products and your method of paying them. Please note that the payment method is only listed, no actual payment information is included on the invoice. (For example: ‘Creditcard, paid’)
If you create an account through our website, we will keep it for as long as you wish. If you no longer want an account with us, simply contact us and we will remove your account for you.
Cookies remain on your computer untill you delete them. The cookie acceptance is valid for 365 days, if you visit the site 366 days after your acceptance, you will be required to accept them again.
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